Water for baptism from the Jordan River

Certified by the Royal Commission of the Place of Baptism (Al-Maghtas)

We are the first to bring you the authentic water of the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized

Río de la Fe S.L. is a company created by Aphrodite Co, founded in 1995. Aphrodite is the only company authorized in Jordan River by the Royal Baptism Site Commission to extract, bottle and market this water.

 Authentic Baptismal Water of the Jordan River

We offer different formats and presentations of water of Jordan River: as a gift, for personal use or as a souvenir..

  • Novelty

    Souvenir Water from the Jordan

    12,90 VAT included. Free shipping.
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    Special Box for Baptism water from Jordan River

    33,90 VAT included. Free shipping.
  • Novelty

    Water of Jordan River

    23,90 VAT included. Free shipping.


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Certified Baptismal Water for baptism and blessings

Certified by the Jordanian government

The Royal Commission of the Place of Baptism (Al-Maghtas) certifies, through this numbered hologram, the authenticity of the origin of the Baptismal Water and guarantees that the company Aphrodite co is dedicated to the filling, packaging and export of the water of the Jordan River, that it is intended only for external and religious use.


Acquire authentic Jordan River Water

Part of the profits go to the development and maintenance of the Baptism Site, so that it can continue to be a place of pilgrimage for all the faithful.

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