About us

The Río de la Fe is a company created by Aphrodite Co, to be the first marketer, outside of Jordan, to distribute the authentic water of the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized.

Aphrodite Co, which was created in 1995, is the only company authorized in Jordan, by the Royal Baptism Site Commission, to extract, bottle and market this water.

Aphrodite Co. is certified by the following bodies:

  • The Holy Catholic Church
  • The Holy Orthodox Church
  • The Royal Baptism Site Commission (Al-Maghtas), which is the official body of the Place of Baptism of Jesus (baptismsite.com).
  • The Government of Jordan, which guarantees the authenticity of the product, by means of a numbered hologram.

Acquire authentic Jordan River Water

Part of the profits go to the development and maintenance of the Baptism Site, so that it can continue to be a place of pilgrimage for all the faithful.

UNESCO declared the place where the baptism took place as a world heritage site, pointing to the designation of the place, called Al-Maghtas, as the exact place where John baptized Jesus. According to tradition, since the 3rd century, this place was considered the site of the baptism of Jesus, on the eastern bank of the Jordan River.

Al-Maghtas is of enormous religious importance to most denominations of the Christian faith, which have accepted this site as the site of the baptism of Jesus.

Aphrodite co. is committed to supporting the Church and charities around the world, we collaborate with the organization of women and refugees, to improve their integrity and well-being within society (www.blue-umbrella.org), our goal is to make a difference in the peace and prosperity of the world.